History and Music
written in 2016 by Andamon
Tamas Lab.

Tamas Lab.'s history is strongly interwoven with several countries. Tamas Lab. was founded in Germany in 1984 as a continuation of "Tamas Theater".

An Odyssey through Switzerland's mountains (Molinis) brought Tamas Lab. to Poland.

Tamas Lab.

A very special and a long term relation for Tamas Lab. is with Japan.

Tamas Lab. cooperated with Japanese companies in the beginnings of the1990-ties.

Tamas Lab.

There were times that Japan generated a profound part of income of Tamas Lab.

It has started with sales of MC's, which were quite popular.
Then they were successively replaced by CDs.

The CD area brought the possibility to enhance the audio-stimulation with lights:

AudioStrobe System was developed in Tamas Lab.

The very good and reliable cooperation has almost gone to 0 after the Japans economic crisis.

Time Loop

In 2008 I was planning a journey to Japan with my 12 years old sun, Alan.

Two weeks before our departure I got a message from Tsuyoshi, asking me if we could start working together again.

I replied him " Yes, with pleasure!
In which Tokyo cafe can we meet?"

He was totally bewildered by my response.

As I visited him he confessed me that in a New Year's meditation an inner voice pooped up within him asking him for contact with me.

So he did without knowing I was almost on my way to Japan.

Then I was bewildered as well as you can imagine.

News: 3/11

March 11 disaster in Japan 2011, 9/11 attack in USA.

It looks that the prime number “11” is hunting through the history.

But it is all about the victims, survivors and those left behind.

It is a reminder for all of us that nothing is given for ever or impossible.

I did not know this disaster was on the verge to make Japan inhabitable zone.

Fukushima 3/11
Alan Alan 2
Just a few days before March 11 I programmed my satellite decoder to receive NHK-World TV.
I wanted to refresh my memories of my last visit to Japan with my son together.
It remained our mostly watched TV-Program since then... My son spontaneously sent his earnings to JRC. I never expected this from a 14-years old boy.
Alan Alan 2
Some time ago I was asked by Tokyo publisher to produce 528 Hz based composition for “Binary for Fokushima”. I have dig through my sound recordings library and fractal based sound to produce my contribution. You are welcome to download this track “Fokus-I*M*A*” and experience it with your AudioStrobe decoder. Sincerely not a light piece, but moving to a reflection...
Alan Alan 2

Download the MP3 here (free):

Alan Reiko

2013 - again in Japan.

My son Alan with Reiko Chiba at an anti-nuclear protest in Tokyo.

  2014 - again in Japan.
Naoto Kan Andrzej Slawinski 2014 - Naoto Kan in Poland invited by MuSES Foundation

to be continued....